Auroraeco and DMC Train Agents in Indochina Strings Group

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Vivian Nakagawa; Director of Sales Brazil, Indochina Strings, Guilherme Padilha and Roberto Caldeira; Auroraeco and Vicente Catala Vida; Director of Sales and Marketing in Indochina Strings


Auroraeco Viagens, a travel company specializing in adventure travel, nature and wellness, and Indochina Strings, DMC specializing in Southeast Asia, gathered travel agents this morning in São Paulo to publicize and train on high-quality scripts.


DMC sees Brazil as a strategic market with the greatest potential for passenger generation in the Southern Cone. According to global director Vicente Catala, which promises to work exclusively through operators, Indochina Strings maps Brazil as the country, among the reasons that point to optimism with the Brazilian market are the fact that many travelers are exchanging traditional and to urban destinations for travel experience, especially for exotic destinations. The hotel offer of the region is also considered as differential, since it offers luxurious accommodations and the so-called “five stars smart hotels”, which do not present some characteristics of super luxury and therefore offer a more cost-effective.


To get closer to the country, the international company hired Vivian Nakagawa as Director of Sales Brazil. The executive is responsible for all trade support on national soil.


For Auroraeco Viagens’ managing partner, Roberto Caldeira, Indochina Strings complements the carrier’s portfolio in a region that has been showing increased demand in recent years.


“In recent years agencies have been asking us if we could serve them with trips to Indochina. The partnership with Indochina Strings Group will supply this demand and fill a travel gap to an increasingly relevant region in world tourism. The presence of Vivian in Brazil to give us a return in our time zone is also a factor that will speed our response to customers. We are quite optimistic about the sales potential.”

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