Interesting Things You Need to Know about Monsoon in Indochina

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Travelers usually have such popular questions as “When to travel to Indochina?”, “what is the best season in Indochina” or “Indochina monsoon”… They are worried that the bad weather may break their travel plans, however they do not know there are surprising things they can receive when visiting Indochina in low season or monsoon season (from June to October). Tell your customers 5 interesting things about monsoon in Indochina.


  1. It’s less crowded

As common sense could tell you, any place tends to be less crowded during its off season. This equates to a slew of desirable things such as less time spent waiting at attractions and less hassle overall. More than that, you feel more immersed in the local culture when there aren’t tourists in your line of sight – like you’re somehow more a part of life there than just a visitor.


  1. It’s cheaper

As the crowds thin out, the locals start vying for the remaining travelers’ attention, which means better rates and better deals across the board. If you’re travelling on a budget you can guarantee you’ll stretch that ‘dollar’ a lot further. While the biggest wins are with Airlines and Tour operators, you will also benefit from cheaper accommodation and even food. Mmmm local food as well.


  1. Less worry and more offer

The best time to travel to Southeast Asia is also the high season in Southeast Asia. It’s easy to understand that a lot of hotels and resorts will be fully booked in this period. Instead of travelling on that period, travelers can go in monsoon season. They won’t have to worry about the out of services. Further, they can receive an upgrade from the hotel cruise supplier for a better service or extra discount… If it’s possible, we recommend that you arrange the holiday for your customers in off-season.


  1. It’s more beautiful!

The best thing about monsoon season is that, the landscapes are more scenic! The jungles, forests, and rice paddies are astonishingly green and the waterfalls are at their most spectacular time. Southeast Asia is famous for beautiful beaches such as: Nha Trang, Muine (Vietnam), Phuket (Thailand), Sihanoukville (Cambodia)… where you can do various activities such as: diving, snorkeling, swimming.


  1. It’s cooler

When the monsoon season arrives, the moisture air from the ocean can bring down the temperature to 28-33 degrees. This can be a cooling relief for both locals and travelers. That’s correct that monsoon brings rains. However, since the rain is so predictable, it will rain and then stop quickly if your travelers go during this period to Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. It’s actually very easy to plan around it: Normally it happens in the late afternoon. At that time you can also spend your time at a local bar/coffee and see the amazing things of the rain in Southeast Asia. It also brings you a worthy experience, rightt? Don’t let the rain be a deterrent from visiting Southeast Asia during off season.



Trip notes: Be aware of how monsoon affects the holiday to Indochina:

  •  In Thailand, some of the islands may get closed due to rip currents and typhoons. Boats to the islands run less frequently.
  • In Vietnam, the historic town of Hoi An experiences yearly flooding. Tour boats in Halong Bay may get cancelled sometimes during typhoon season (August-October).
  • In Cambodia, places like the Angkor temples get benefits from the rains: the moats and pounds are topped up, and the lush greenery makes the temples feel more alive.
  • In Vang Vieng, Laos, activities like river tubing could be banned during some rainy days. The waterfalls of Luang Prabang are especially spectacular during this period though sometimes swimming is not recommended when the water currents are very strong.
  • In Myanmar, the Monsoon season can cause heavy rainstorms and flooded streets in Yangon.



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