TN WHOLESALE OPERATOR – Group departures to exotic destinations

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“Colors of Persia and the Caucasus”, “India and Nepal” and “Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand”
are the three proposals on which TN trained about 80 travel agents.


TN Wholesale Operator offered a training lunch for 80 travel agents in the Windsor Hotel and Tower of Cordoba Capital. In the occasion that there were 3 groups departures to exotic destinations that the company will be making during this year and 2018.

The first one was “Colors Of Persia and the Caucasus 2018 “, Visiting Georgia, Armenia and Iran (with departures on May 14 and 10 September 2018). The presentation was in charge of Hassan Ansari, CEO of Marcopolo Tourism – responsible business of the service at destination- Mohsen Karrabi, director of incoming business; And Mahadi Jahned Germi, responsible for speaking market Hispanic; All specialists in the Destinations, with which TN Operator ensures the best communication and attention to agencies and their passengers.

The second of the products presented was “Vietnam, Cambodia And Thailand “, a classic among the international group outings of the company. With the same objective, in this case TN counted on the presence and contribution of Vicente Catala Vidal, Director of Sales and Marketing of Indochina Strings, operator of destiny. In this case, the dates confirmed are September 18 And 11 November 2017; In addition to 6 January, 18 May And September 17, 2018, with services in private.


Finally, Ulises Martorell, member of the coordinator team of TN Operator, referred to The exit “India and Nepal”, making emphasis on human experience and staff to make a trip with so much spiritual burden, and satisfaction of passengers in relation to this product. In this case, the outputs are scheduled for the 18th of September 2017; And on January 4, May 5, July 7 and September 9 of 2018, also with services in private.


All departures are guaranteed, accompanied from Buenos Aires with a travel coordinator and guides at each destination, and provide the possibility to market the passenger to share guaranteed. Continuing with the presentation, Andrés Escribano, in charge of TN coordination team by more than 40 coordinators and María Cecilia Enrico, part of that team, confirmed the predisposition of the company to take care of every detail of the trips with all its clients, specifying the way the team works.


Finally, the director of TN Operator, Alejandro Seisdedos, thanked the presence of representatives of the agencies and ratified the professionalism of the team that leads, in addition to praising integrity with which is moving this 2017 and is projected the 2018 season.


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