Hidden Gems – Indochina Strings Will Take You There!

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Trend of secret passages, by invitation only or hidden restaurants have long held a place in city lore, capturing our curiosity and imagination. Whether thea closet or a whole different way of access, one is curios enough to experience another ‘world’.

Where or -whatever it is, Indochina Strings knows how to take you there.


Poisonous Fish for Dinner


Included in your itinerary in Japan, Indochina Strings will take you to 3 Michelin star fugu restaurant Usukifugu Yamadaya in Tokyo. Pufferfish licensed Head Chef Yoshio Kusakabe prepares the fugu, a traditional Japanese restaurant where you can savor the taste of “fugu”; a Japanese poisonous blow fish.


The restaurant has a 12 counter seat and a couple of private rooms.  They are renowned for their fugu course meals, but also serve okoze (the poisonous stonefish) and hamo ( pike eel) in the summer and Shiroshita Karei (a special species flounder fish found in Oita) during May and June.


There are two types of “fugu” courses to choose from: “Natural Blowfish Course” or “Cultured Blowfish Course”. The “natural” course includes more tender and high-quality fish for customers to enjoy. Dare to try?

Hidden Bar Through a Closet


Mandalay Whisky and Cigar Bar is located in Manila, Philippines. It’s a hidden bar that you get to passing through a pub. You go to the back of the pub, enter what looks like a closet, past some hanging coats, and through red velvet curtains. You’re then met with a dimly lit place, filled with old world wood, and a very lively atmosphere.


Have some Cuban cigars inside and choose from numerous type of whiskies from all over the world.






Exclusive Fine Dining Through a Kitchen


If you want to feel a secretive dining adventure then come along and we will show you where it’s done.


At Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, there’s a hidden restaurant called The Krug Room and a ‘must-try’ for all visiting gastronomes. Created in partnership with the House of Krug, this is the only Krug Room in the world offering guests a chance to experience a brilliantly creative cuisine partnered with the world’s most prestigious champagne.


To reach the room, you will secretly pass through one of the hotel’s restaurants towards the main kitchen. Then end up to a stunningly designed re-creation of a train carriage with boasting vibrant views of a fast-moving kitchen. Inside, is a long light marble table that centers the room which seats 12 persons.


The chef, trained previously at el Bulli, one of the most well-known Michelin restaurants in Spain, along with his team, the well-suited and black-gloved waiters, take over and give you an unforgettable dining experience.



Witness a Morning Training Session with the Sumo Wrestlers


Sumo is Japan’s national sport. The Grand Tournament runs only 6 times a year, but the rest of the year there are many chances to see sumo wrestlers in action by watching them up-close and personal at a morning training session.


Our professional guides will escort you early in the morning to the sumo stable, teach you the history and how it’s entwined with Japan’s native Shinto religion, and see these impressive athletes at their rigorous training. Your personal guide will also be there to help you follow the rules and etiquettes of watching sumo in the stable. After the practice finishes, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to take photos with the sumo wrestlers.


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