Best of Kyoto, Japan

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Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto attracts visitors seeking the traditional Japanese culture.

From historic castles, temples, colourful shrines, ambience at Gion district, the bamboo forest,  food, the ancient Japanese culture to the mysterious culture of maiko and geisha female entertainers often found in the Gion district, are just some of the points that attract this destination.


Kyoto is the birthplace of Maiko and Geisha (Geiko in the local dialect) culture with the Gion district its spiritual home. The wooden teahouses and traditional restaurants of well-preserved areas such as Hanami-koji Street and Pontocho offer the best chance to spot a Geisha elegantly scurrying to their next appointment.


Kyoto is also known for formal traditions such as kaiseki dining, consisting of multiple courses of precise dishes, zen gardens, and also home to many ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) and machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouses) that offer a glimpse into old Kyoto.


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