guntû — a floating hotel on the Seto Inland Sea, Japan

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guntû is a small hotel floating in the Seto Inland Sea west of Japan. A luxury journey across Setouchi, an archipelago of small 700 islands where travelers can pass time upon the sea while enjoying the nature and culture of the archipelago.


guntû accommodates guests in 19 wood-paneled cabins with four suites, terraces placed close to the surface of the sea. The cabin’s seaside sitting area lets you perch at the edge of the water.

The suites feature an open-air bath which allows you to relax outdoor of your own suite, while the bed is closest to the window, giving you an unobstructed, intimate view toward the horizon.


There are several facilities on board the floating hotel, such as a sushi bar, western and Japanese dining rooms, tea lounge, café and bar lounge, a traditional Japanese style of veranda and a spa area that includes treatment rooms, communal baths, saunas and a gym.


The ship’s name “guntû” is borrowed from the nickname of a blue crab native to Setouchi. The circumflex above the ‘u’ (û) evokes the ship’s hull and the symbolic form of the gabled roof.


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