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We believe that flying private is just that – private. And confidential.

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Enjoy both onshore and water activities in various remote
island destinations without compromising the comfort of high-class travel.

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Travel to remarkable remote places on a whim.
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Travelling by road may sometimes take hours, let us make it comfortable
and pleasant for you.


    Private Helicopters

    Make your day extra special as you watch the world go by below through your luxurious helicopter ride. Sip champagne en route as you celebrate an extra special event through the air, giving you a day to remember. Beat the stress of traffic queues and enjoy a discrete, stress free, flexible bespoke service tailor-made just for you delivered by your very own charter manager. If you are preparing for your business trip, planning to celebrate a party in style, wanting to have a sightseeing tour, or just craving to lavish the good life, and then leave the travel details and arrangements to us, safe in the knowledge that we will do the rest.

    Eurocopter EC135

    The EC135 offers a compromise between the A109 and Twin Squirrel, and is ideal for journeys where cabin and luggage space is important. The EC135 can carry up to 5 sets of golf clubs in its large baggage hold, while passengers benefit from a spacious cabin area with enhanced sound-proofing.

    Agusta A109 Power/Grand

    With climate control, enhanced sound-proofing and state-of-the-art technology, the A109 provides a fast and comfortable way to reach your destination. Whether for business or pleasure, the A109 offers the operational flexibility to meet the most demanding of customer requirements. Capable of speeds approaching 200mph, the A109 is the fastest commercial helicopter available for charter.

    AS355 Twin Squirrel

    Proven to be one of the most popular choices for helicopter travel, the Twin Squirrel provides a fast and comfortable option for business or pleasure, whilst retaining the flexibility offered by a twin-engine aircraft. The spacious cabin and excellent visibility offer passengers a very comfortable and enjoyable environment for the duration of their journey.

    Bell B206L-3 Longranger

    The single engine Longranger is the most cost-effective helicopter in our fleet, but manages to offer the same, if not better, seating capacity than some of our larger aircraft. Our Longranger has luxury leather interior and is fitted with inflatable floats, enabling it to operate over water and land at heliports such as Battersea in central London. This aircraft also incorporates a vibration damping system, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey.

    Sikorsky S-76

    The proven S-76 helicopter is regarded as the ultimate in luxurious helicopter travel, with more cabin space and similar levels of comfort to the EC155, this aircraft takes helicopter travel to a new level.