Ever since the company was established in 2011, Indochina Strings has fixed its labor in producing excellent travel, responding to the needs of the times while anticipating the demands of the future.


Focusing on the corporate sector, Indochina Strings provides end-to-end travel services to suit our corporate client’s needs. The products and services it provides includes pre-arranged local and international tours, air and land arrangements, custom packages according to clients specifications, travel consultation, hotel reservations and meet and greet services in adventure tourism.


Indochina Strings specializes in providing unique packages for Asian and European market at the most competitive rates. Our highlights include customized holidays for individual tourists, complete itinerary of each tour provided on arrival, impeccable service on all fronts and sightseeing package deals in different destinations worldwide.


As an all service company, we can design a program just for you, with all arrangements handled by a travel specialist, from planning your special trip to issuing your airline ticket offering you an exceptional value.



    Indochina Strings is managed by an excellent team – account officers, tour guides, liaison officers, reservations and operations staffs, which undergo rigid in-house training programs which allow them to maintain Indochina Strings’ service level standards.
    It is our pleasure to create the perfect all-inclusive experience for you! Concierge Client Care is the key to our success. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every time with outstanding service. We can make your personal travel dreams come true! May it be laying down on a bed of roses, living on a jet plane, riding on Santa Claus’ sled. Name it and we can have it ready just for you.
    Responsible travel is about having fun, while also giving back. It is our desire to help you enjoy adventure, nature and culture, while being in socially and ecologically conscious. We promote respect for the locals, their culture and the environment.

Meet the Team


Javier Salvador Parra /

Group Managing Director

+63 (2) 543-0265
javier @indochinastrings.com

Abbey Andersen /

Director of Sales

+63 (2) 543-0265
abbey @indochinastrings.com

Joy Balansag /

Philippines Country Manager

+63 (2) 512-3525
gm.ph @indochinastrings.com

Audrie Decena /

Operations Manager

+63 (2) 543-0265

Rowela Madriguera /

Senior Accountant

Geilyn Gervacio /

Outbound Manager

+63 (2) 543-0265
geilyn @indochinastrings.com

Cherry Malilang /

Inbound Manager

+63 (2) 543-0265
cherry @indochinastrings.com

Melissa Muhi /

Reservations Manager-Inbound

Teressa Marquez/

Reservations Officer

+63 (2) 543-0265

Chesca Endencia /

Reservations Officer

+63 (2) 543-0265

Apple Caylan/

Sales & Customer Service Executive

+63 (2) 543-0265

Joseph Mari Generoso /

Operations Coordinator

+63 (2) 543-0265
ops.ph @indochinastrings.com


Cristian Rubio /

Indochina Group Manager

Sally Huyen, Dang Thi Thuong /

Head of Global Inbound

Daisy, Bao Tran/


Luis, Ton Huu Anh Khoi/

Operations Executive


Jane, Jareonsook/

Accounting & Administrative Manager

+66 98 248 0861


Sofi, Parichart Pipatsungnern /

Operations Manager


Jordi Dosta /

Spain and Portugal Market Representative

Vivian Nakagawa/

Brazil Market Representative

+ 55 11 97636 2008

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