Lotus Blanc Hotel

National Road 6, Siem Reap, Cambodia

+855 63 969 300 info@indochinastrings.com

With timeless design in a French colonial style, Lotus Blanc Resort is characterized by its understated elegance offering holistic blend of romance and harmony.

Conveniently located in the heart of Siem Reap between 10mn drive from airport and 15mn to a 12th century Angkor Wat.

Lotus Blanc is fortunate to offer you romantic and harmonious experience with ambiance surrounded by its tropical bliss landscape where you perfectly define your intimate holiday escape.

Lotus Blanc’s rooms and suites are timelessly designed to offer simplicity and elegance. Each room is spacious and provides a private balcony overlooking a tropical view of coconut trees or swimming pool.

Deluxe Room
Simply features with space to provide enough a comfortable couch seating for two inside and a private balcony overlooking coconut trees garden or city view of Siem Reap.

Premier Room
Newly refurbished and perfectly designed for honeymooners, the Premier Room offers you a feeling of simplicity and romance. The room also features a private balcony with a tropical landscape that blend together between coconut trees and a swimming pool.

Family Room
One of Siem Reap’s first kinds, the Family Room is designed to meet the needs of every family traveler who is rather looking for something fun and entertainment for children. The 55 sqm room is equipped with latest Audio/Video systems, assorted toys, special mini-bar for children, and optional nanny service just to give you a care-free traveling moment with your kids while staying with us.

Classic Room
Is perfectly designed for discerning traveler who is looking for a very spacious room that blends two rooms connected together between a living room and a bed room. The in-room amenities are exclusively selected to match the classic modern look-ambiance of the French style.

Elegant Room
Located on the top floor of the Resort, the 72 sqm Elegant Suite is designed with its understated elegance offering a bedroom and a spacious living room equipped with modern technological amenities. This suite is ideally designed to provide such intimacy experience of romance and harmony.

The Nirann
Is a premier boutique shop selling high quality of selective made-in-Cambodia products such as Khmer silk scarves and handbags, artwork made of wood, stone and silver carvings, etc.

Tropi Coco Pool
With 25-meter rectangular shape, it is known as the only stadium-sized swimming pool in town offering a tropical landscape surrounded by huge coconut trees and making it a truly natural hot spot of delight and serenity of relaxation.

Fully equipped with an array of cardiovascular gym equipment and a satellite TV flat screen, our daylight fitness center overlooks a tropical view of coconut trees that would add delightful twists of your exercise and boosts your energy.

Traditional Massage
Experience yourself in a Traditional Khmer way of therapeutic work called “Chab Tror Sai”. This ancient massage art activates energy flow with sedative techniques to calm, relax, and restore the proper balance of circulation to the body.

Traditional Khmer Treatments
Given by the serenity of a tropical ambiance, release yourself through the warm touch of a true nature while allowing our spa therapist to relax your body and mind with some of the most popular traditional Khmer massages.